About Playstreet

We realize that not everyone works a 9-5 shift, that scheduling conflicts occur, that finding a babysitter is easier said than done, and that parents truly deserve a night out: free of children.

That is why we are here for you. We are a drop-in hourly childcare center that’s open when you need it to be, not just when your job needs you. We’re open all day, so if you have children that are not attending school, you’ll have a place to bring them. If you have to work a little longer or have an appointment that needs to be kid-free, we’re here to help.
 We understand that you may be new to the area, or just don’t know anyone responsible enough to watch after the precious little ones in your life. That’s why we offer a place where you can feel safe leaving your children while you're working, relaxing, or whatever it is you have to do.



To make you feel at ease, we provide a safe environment where all of our staff have extensive background checks and are trained in child care; and, of course, we always have staff members on hand that are CPR & First Aid Certified. Staff members also take 20 hours of continued education each year, all to make Play Street a safer place and to put you at peace to leave your children with us.
We understand that sometimes parents just need a break! That is why we are open at night and late on the weekends; so if you want to go out and get away from it all for a night, we can make that possible. You can leave your children with us, knowing they’ll have fun playing and making new friends (or hanging out with old ones), all while you spend some much deserved time off enjoying one of the many entertainment offers found all over the OKC metro.


 If you need to work a little later (or earlier), have a scheduling conflict, need a night out, or whatever it may be, Play Street Hourly Childcare is here for you and your family.